Ecclesiastes 3:11 (KJV)
He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

It is God’s will for us to be not just blessed financially, or just comfortable, but to be rich. God wants us to be rich because:

1). He loves us as His children and, like any parent, wants His children to have good things (Lk. 11:13) and enjoy them richly (1Tim. 6:17).

2). He wants us to abound to every good work (2Cor.9:8): to be generous and philanthropic, and a blessing to the society we live in.

3). To finance the preaching and demonstration of the gospel of the Kingdom to all tribes, tongues and kindred (Matt. 24:14; Rev. 7:9) in this end-time.

However, even though God wants us to be rich, He does not want us to be covetous (Heb. 13:5). So we must wait upon Him for His appointed time to be rich (Hab. 2:3).

Proverb 28:20 (KJV)
A faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent.

What makes the difference between contentment and covetousness is time. To be rich in the Kingdom like, or even greater than, Solomon was, will take time.

Why will it take time? Because the will of God has to be worked out in us, in our character, before God can entrust us with such great riches. This is so that riches will not destroy us like it did Solomon.

How long will it take? This will depend on the degree of your diligence in:

– Exercising the fear of God in your heart and conduct.
– Giving of your tithes and offerings.
– Daily prayer in the Spirit.
– Daily reading, confession, meditation and practice of God’s Word.

God’s appointed time is determined by how soon we fulfill God’s conditions for His promises (Heb.10:36). We can hasten or delay the time, depending on how diligent we are (2 Pet.3:12-14).

God wants to make all things in our lives beautiful, but this will only be so at His appointed time.

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